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Mary Ellen is located in Northern Virginia, but she works between the east and west coasts.

She is an editor and teaches fiction writing/screenwriting and is a contest judge for She respects writers who create memorable stories with unforgetable characters that will visualize in both books and film.







Why The Gavin Agency is different?
We ask that you submit your story pitch to us as if you were sitting across the table at a conference. 
Be brief - no longer than one page
Who, What, Where, Why and How
The Protagonist-Who are we following?
The Conflict-What happened/changed?
The Setting-Where are we?
The Frustration-Why is there a problem?
The Plan-How will he/she address the conflict
You do NOT have to reveal the ending.
Submit your Pitch via e-mail
You may call 818 230 7350 East Coast Time
and speak to Mary Ellen directly.
Do not be afraid ... she's fun on the phone
and will be honest with her expectations
for your story.


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